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As travelers, we understand that a big part of the magic of visiting new countries is to experience cultures through their foods. It is a reality that most traditional foods and flavors are sourced from independent growers and producers who face instability and limited, or no access to international markets.

Our goal is to boost the local businesses through a partnership in which Cociel markets and distributes their products in the U.S.; bringing to your table the experience of the local, exotic and tropical flavors of Costa Rica.

We are Cociel, consciously working towards a tastier and happier world.



[ko see el]


Abbreviation for “Costas Del Cielo” (Coasts of heaven), which refers to both coasts of Costa Rica that describe our small territory rich with latin culture and flavor.

What is Cociel About?


As Latin Americans, we are able to enjoy a wide variety of delicious and exotic products only available locally, but we also understand the difficulties and limitations that OUR local producers have to endure daily.


Cociel is a conscious brand created to support these local producers and boost their businesses, while sharing the joy of our tropical flavors to international markets.



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