Our Collection of Hot Sauces

29 Feb Our Collection of Hot Sauces

Flavor has always fascinated me – how does one make something taste spicy, savory, sweet – or all three at the same time? At a young age I begun concocting ways to create new flavors and create something unexpected yet exciting for the palate.

My personal favorite flavor is spice, so naturally I gravitated towards experimenting with chilies and hot sauces. Being from Northern California the cuisines I was exposed to were mostly Asian, Latin and Mexican. I learned to love lemongrass, Thai basil, Serrano, Habanero and green chilies (common ingredients in Thai, Vietnamese, Latin, Mexican and Indian foods). I put hot sauce on everything, because in order to enjoy a meal it must be extremely flavorful.

Now that I am away at college the time for cooking has dwindled, but hot sauce has taken on the role of making dining hall food full of flavor. Cociel has a hot sauce for any food or snack – whether you’d like to make it sweet or spicy.

Each sauce is an interesting blend of ingredients from “Costas Del Cielo” (Coasts of Heaven) – aka what Costa Rica is known as.

Our Great Garlic Hot Sauce adds a fragrant touch or garlic to any meal that is missing it. Garlic has a flavor that cannot quite be fulfilled with anything but itself, so this sauce will add garlic to any food that lacks its flavor – whether it is plain bread or dining hall food that needs its flavor.

If you crave a sweeter sauce the Ginger Peach and Mango Hot Sauces will be your best friend. The sweetness of Mango with a little spicy zest and sweet tanginess of the Ginger Peach pair really well with anything grilled (chicken, vegetables and even fruit).

To flavor any meat or create a unique dressing for a salad we have some steak sauces and marinades. The Roasted Habanero & Mustard Marinade (my personal favorite) combines the spicy habanero pepper with mustard – an interesting blend of two ingredients that belong together. Our Papaya Curry Marinade Sauce is a bit milder, with more of a sweet twist to a flavorful base. For a unique steak sauce try our Tequila Mango Steak Sauce, Smoke Banana Steak Sauce – they taste really good on any meat even cold cuts. The Tequila Mango balances sweet and spicy to create a lovely tanginess for a grilled or baked steak and the Smoke Banana adds a rich smoky flavor blended with the fruitiness of banana and tastes especially good with chicken.

Whatever the meal, Cociel has a sauce for you!

By: Saanya Sardana

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